Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Ash's Last Day of School

Asher wrapped up his school year at the end of May with a fun picnic at Eaton Park. Luckily for me, Nathan had the day off work, and I was able to go without other kidlets in tow. It was nice for Asher and I to have some quality time together. We had a blast! I can hardly believe he's movin' on up to 4K next year!

Me and Asher at the park.

Hanging out. :)

How many preschoolers can you fit on the lily pads??

Asher and his buddy Carson.

Asher and his teacher, Mrs. Kern. He looooooves his teacher!

Playing around on the playground.

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DawnK said...

Looks like Asher was having a blast, on the playground! How nice that you got to spend sometime, just with Asher, too!