Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Out to the Ballgame

Last month, we had the chance to spend a week in St. Louis visiting my parents. Nate was off shooting the National Youth Gathering in New Orleans, and the kids and I spent the week relaxing, sitting by the pool and catching some St. Louis sights.
One night, Gabriel, Papa and I took the train into the city and caught a Cardinal game. They played the Phillies and won 6-1. I don't know who was more excited, Gabriel or me! We had hot dogs and kept score, saw two home runs and had a fantastic evening!

Gabe was super excited, especially at that awesome moment when you walk into the stadium and FIRST see the field.

I must say, the view from the very last row of Bush Stadium ain't too shabby!

Like I said, we were in the last row, but they were terrific seats! In the old stadium, it felt like you were miles away from the game when you were in the back rows. Not the case anymore!

Gabe and I kept meticulous score of the game.

Gabe and Papa (who doesn't know he's being photographed as he talks to grandma!)

Me and my baseball buddy.

Gabe at the stadium.

The game was even more sweet for Gabriel, who had just completed an amazing baseball season with the Diamond Backs kids minor league team here in St. Joe. He also made All-Stars and in his second-to-last game, he made his first home run and caught the game-winning line drive of the last inning, with bases loaded and two outs! What a season!!


DawnK said...

Looks like fun! I love that you can see the Arch from the stadium, too! Was it hot, during the game? It was so hot in St. Louis, when we were there a year ago!

Katrina said...

Yes, it was VERY hot!! Luckily, we were in the topmost row, so there was a nice breeze!