Sunday, October 31, 2010

Belated Birthday Pics

Forgive my game of catch-up here as I post a few entries of photos that I'm behind in posting! First, some more photos of Miss Rhy's third birthday. My folks were in town, as well as my sister and her daughter. So we got to have a big family dinner on Friday night. I made homemade chicken enchiladas and Rhylah had a blast opening all of her presents. The highlights were a Twisted Disney princess barbie, a Belle princess barbie and an Aurora princess dress from grandma and grandpa, plus much, much more! She made out like a bandit!

Rhy and mommy

Such cutie patooties!

Sydney and Rhylah ... what a team! :)

The traditional shot of mom with the birthday cake!

Blowin' out the candles!

I just LOVE this smile on her face as Ash and Gabe reach for candles to lick.

Opening presents!

Belle Barbie!

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DawnK said...

The little princesses sure had a good time! They are both getting so big! How fast is next October going to come by, when she turns 4? Sounds like she got perfect presents, too!