Monday, November 01, 2010

Formerly cute pumpkins made SCARY!!

We had to wait until Halloween DAY to carve the pumpkins this year, due to the fact that Nate was out of town, and didn't get back till Sunday, and I wasn't about to do it all on my own. (Although, for the record, I ended up carving all of them except Asher's spider/web ... I blame the Packer game for that.) :)

The boys rip into their cute orange gourds.

I absolutely LOVE Gabe's face here ... priceless!

Rhy gets ready to clean out her pumpkin. She ended up not doing it. What? A princess dirty her hands? I don't think so!! :) Dad ended up called in for pumpkin gut clean-out patrol.

This is my quickie pumpkin this year ... the puking pumpkin. Yeah, yeah, I know ... sort of juvenile, but it was easy (and BOY were my hands aching after carving Rhy's bat and Gabe's scary clown). And the boys got a kick out of all the pumpkin vomit. Lovely. I aim to please.

All four of our scary pumpkins. (Nate didn't carve one for himself) You can tell that Gabe is getting into the scariness of the holiday this year. Not only was his costume scarier than usual, but his fanged clown pumpkin seriously disturbed me as I carved it out for him. True, it's a pattern, but YOWZA! Rhy was easy, she just wanted any bat we could find. :)

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DawnK said...

Great pumpkins! Emily and I didn't quite get around to carving pumpkins this year. We cheated and bought one that plugs in and lights up. We did have little uncarved pumpkins on the porch, though. That's neat that Rhy is into bats. Gabe sure is enjoying the scary aspect of Halloween. I love the puking pumpkin. Did you have that one out on your porch, too?