Sunday, December 05, 2010

Christmas Tree Hunt 2010

We went to Bredewig Acres to get our Christmas tree today. We were going to go yesterday, but decided to hold off until the snow struck today ... it makes for such picturesque photos!

My boys take time out to tackle each other in the snow. Boys will be boys.

Gabe had a blast making snowballs.

Gabe gets a snowball in the face. I didn't want to post this, because it looks so terrible, although all the boys were laughing afterwards. But Nate and Gabe made me promise to put it up, because they think it's so "AWESOME!" So here it is. :)

Rhy carefully made a snowball, just like the boys, and sneaked up behind the boys to throw it at them. However, her aim was several feet off the mark, and she ended up falling on her butt in the snow. The boys had no idea she had even tried to get them. Poor girl! :)

Me and my Rhy girl.

Lookout behind you Asher! You're about to get a snowball in the noggin!

Daddy and Rhy walk out into the deep snow, in search of the perfect tree.

My handsome hubby by our tree.

The Harrmann tree for 2010 -- a Douglas Fir ... $38.

The boys watch in fascination, as daddy cuts down the tree.

Nate solves the problem of the lack of tree carts.

WHEN CHRISTMAS TREES ATTACK!! Yes, we were feeling silly, can you tell?

It takes all three Harrmann "men" to haul in the tree. ... men return from the hunt with their "kill" :)

By boys.

By the barn.

Asher takes aim.

Asher takes a snowball fight break by the barn at the tree farm.

My three kiddos!


DawnK said...

Looks like a fun day! We'll probably get our tree next weekend. Those boys better watch out, because pretty soon Rhylah will be able to throw a snowball and WILL be able to hit someone! LOL! (Was she really ever a baby? She's grown up so fast!)

Katrina said...

Yes she will, you're right! And she'll be a feisty little thing too! She knows how to hold her own!