Saturday, February 12, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

Gabe had a fantastic 9th birthday. He had his very first sleep over. This was an educational experience for us as parents as well! He picked his two friends from baseball and Trinity, Max and Zane, to come over. The boys went sledding, made their own pizza, (both of which, at least one of our guests had never done before!) played their Nintendo DS's, ate TONS of snacks, watched Harry Potter IV, and stayed up till at least 1 a.m. Gabe had an absolute BLAST!
For his actual birthday, he got lots of goodies from us, including a Toothless the Dragon figure from the movie "How to Train your Dragon" that has a three-foot wingspan. He also got a "bone-napper" dragon to go with it. We also got him Boggle, and and ipod shuffle, which ended up being not compatible with our computer, so we took it back and exchanged it for Madden NFL 2011 for the Wii, which he loves.


DawnK said...

Sounds like a fun birthday party! I never had a sleepover birthday party, but for probably my 10th birthday, my mom made cupcakes, different colors of frosting and probably assorted sprinkles, so we could all frost our own. I did that with my kids, too. It's so fun!

Predawn Ruminations said...

Love these shots! looks like super fun. Gotta tell you how much we love Asher's hair in all the pics. Plus he looks like he's having so much fun hanging out with the "big guys".

Katrina said...

He had a fantastic time, and the older boys were great about not complaining that he hung around with them every second of the evening. Reminds me of "Here come Tagalong." ;)