Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Role: Set Designer!

In early March, Asher was part of a group of students at Christ Lutheran, who performed a Mickey Mouse spectacular! The kids sang about a dozen songs from as many different Walt Disney films. I got to work on the set, with my good friend Jill Measel. The two of us, and a few other ladies, met three or four times to give the stage a fairy tale look. She did the awesome Cinderella castle in the middle. I drew and painted the Rapunzel tower and the Snow White mirror. We had SO much fun! And the kids LOVED it! Whenever we'd work on it, and kids would come into the gym for recess, we'd have throngs of kiddos all watching us and asking questions. And of course, Rhylah had lots of fun playing with Jill's daughter, Karissa.

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DawnK said...

The set looked great!