Tuesday, July 15, 2014


MAY, 2014: We lost Roxy on May 4. She was 9 years old. It was quite sudden, and very hard to deal with. One moment she was eating dinner and was fine, the next she was paralyzed with bloat. Nate rushed her to the emergency vet hospital in Indiana, but there was nothing they could do to help her. So we had to say good-bye to our Roxy Burger.... that lovable "velcro" dog who would stick to you like glue, lick your elbows and do a tap dance of joy every time Nathan (her one true love) came home from work. She will be missed.

Roxy: A picture I drew of my sweet dog, the day after.

by Rhylah

By Gabriel: I love how he added her getting into the garbage ... one of her favorite old habits, which she (luckily) outgrew.

By Asher....he took it pretty hard.

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