Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Rhylah's 7th Birthday

Well, my baby girl turned 7 today. SEVEN!! She woke up by climbing into bed with us. Nate and I have a tradition of decorating our kids' bedrooms in streamers while they sleep, so that they wake up on their birthday to a festive sight! I think she saw this at 5 a.m. and couldn't contain the excitement, because she doesn't normally climb in bed with us anymore. After awhile, we all got up, saw the lunar eclipse and made waffles (per Rhylah's request). She opened a few presents in the morning ... a new peacock plate and mug set. Super soft fuzzy slippers, and a small lego set from Ash and Gabe. Then it was off to school, with 22 chocolate cupcakes with pink icing to share with friends. After school, we had a big family dinner in the evening. Aunt Kathy came over too. We had torellini with pesto, garlic bread with cheese and a salad for dinner. (also, Rhylah's request). For presents, she got LOTS of legos: two sets from Grandma and Papa Staude. And a beach house Lego set from us... A big Olaf the snowman (from FROZEN) stuffie, a FROZEN puzzle, a FROZEN poster ... a cool Spoons game from Grandma Carol (thanks, grandma!!) a headband making kit, a surfer Barbie with her kid sister, and a two story (two room) Barbie beach house that she can use with all her Barbie dolls. (She's just starting to enter this phase). We had a great evening and topped it off with homemade cherry cake with Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream frosting. This cake took me ALL DAY to make...I had never piped icing thru a bag, or whisked egg whites in a double boiler before, but It was SO worth it. The cake ended up being Tiffany Blue, (or Bianchi celeste, if you ask Nathan...) with a bright pink middle. So pretty! All in all, it was a beautiful day, and as Rhylah fell into bed late that evening, she pronounced it the "BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!"
waffles on her new peacock plate and apple juice in her new mug!
breakfast with her brothers
the cake
Headband making kit
"I like warm hugs!"
SO happy to be opening presents!
Frozen poster!
SOOO excited to get a Barbie house
Blowing out candles! We got cool candles this year...when you lit them, the flame turned blue or orange or pink...the same color as the candle itself!!
Putting it together...
...maybe.... ;)
goofy Gabriel

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C Staude said...

Thanks so much for pasting these! It makes us almost feel like we were there. She had a really lovely day!!!