Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Manistee River Trail Trip: Part 2

More from my journal: "July 27, 2015 ... This morning was gorgeous, even if last night was chilly! We got packed up and ate our homemade oatmeal packets (oats, oat bran, powdered milk, chia seeds, brown sugar and various dried fruits and nuts.) YUM! We knew we had to get up around the north end of the North County Trail (NCT) and cross the suspension bridge today (the largest suspension bridge in MI lower peninsula) so we could head south again on the Manistee River Trail (MRT) on the east side of the Manistee River. But the trail wasn't marked at all, so we got a bit turned around. Finally, we found the path, marked with white paint on the NCT, which looped out down a road for a bit. Then we found the suspension bridge FINALLY. Asher was quite nervous about this bridge. I think he was secretly hoping it would be like the bridge on Indiana Jones Temple of Doom. He kept asking "Can people fall off?" I think he was disappointed that it was so safe. :) After the bridge, the trail was also confusing ... we didn't know which way to go. Finally, we took a right, right after the bridge, and shortly after, going straight,(not veering right.) So after a few turn arounds, we were finally on the right path...The Manistee River Trail! Headed south!! We stopped at #3 campsite, a great spot right on the river, where the kids could swim and we could have some lunch and relax. We ate hummus and black bean pitas. SO YUMMY! We spent three hours (noon to 3 p.m.) being lazy, eating lunch, swimming, drinking coffee and boiling water. It was wonderful! Then it was back on the trail. And a good thing too! We thought we were a LOT farther along than we were! We were just about to hit a waterfall, we thought we had passed a long way back. And then there were SO many pretty streams and waterfalls! We hit #6 campsite on the trail, a great campsite, but high off the water, on a bluff. Nate needed to boil water, so we kept going. Before we hit #7, we found a hike-in trail for a camp site that was right on the water, in an open area, with swimming right by our tent. Our tent is literally surrounded by the river—just gorgeous!! We had quinoa grains/rice with Thai coconut curry, with packaged chicken. SO good! And roasted marshmallows. We're having SUCH a wonderful time. Went to bed at 9:30 p.m. Got up at 6:30 a.m. Rough night for grown-ups again, just because we're so sore from all the backpacking! It's hard to find a comfortable sleeping spot. There was almost a full moon over the river however, which more than made up for any discomfort. GORGEOUS!!
Rhylah on the Marilla trail head.
water break!
My hobbit.
A gorgeous view around every corner!
the suspension bridge!
swimming at lunch

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