Tuesday, July 17, 2018

New Garage Door ... May

Soooo, our ancient "garage" door finally busted. I use the word "garage" loosely ... it's a shed that is barely the size of a Ford Model T, and definitely NOT the size of our Toyota Sienna minivan. So it's really our bike shed. We replaced the door, with a barn/carriage door look, which I absolutely ADORE! The pavement got a bit busted up too, during the process, (and it also wasn't level, so rainwater would just collect there) so we removed a few feet of concrete and replaced it with the piles and piles of paver bricks that were stashed behind our "garage." Nate used pipes to make awesome hangers, and I hung one of our fairy lights on each one. I LOVE IT! I call it our "romantic shed." Funnily enough, I texted Nathan the next day, asking where a hammer was, and he texted back... "It's in the romantic shed." PERFECT!!

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