Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Eve ... December

Oh, what a lovely Christmas we had! We stayed in town this year. Gabe and Nathan played in the praise band at the 6 p.m. service in Paw Paw. Then it was home for the FEAST, and presents! Our feast included the usual raw beef, shrimp, cookies, cheese & sausage, etc. ... and two new dishes this year .... a reuben dip, and a baked goat cheese dip, which were SUPER yummy! The big gifts this year were an ipod for Miss Rhylah and a new acoustic guitar for Gabe. Asher got a lot of smaller things, such as a Hufflepuff blanket, Packer bedding ... and LOTS of books that he wanted.

Rhylah LOVED her new, sparkly Christmas shoes!

We gave him a clue about his guitar by wrapping up a brick! Mwahahaha!!!

Warriors books! Rhy LOVES these books!

Packer blanket!

new fuzzy pillows!

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