Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Odds'n Ends

So I've recently discovered the sheer joy of managing to get both boys down for a nap at the same time -- it's rather like getting flowers from your husband -- (pure heaven, and it doesn't happen very often) Sorry hubby of mine!! I know you're reading this and thinking "HEY!" (I love you!)
Anyway, I have both Asher and Gabriel down for a nap right now. After taking both boys to the park by the beach this afternoon and getting them good and tired with plenty of fresh air, they are both FINALLY pooped out. Granted, I only have a few minutes before I have to get ready for work, but a few minutes to call my own is still VERY hard to come by these days. I've noticed that that is one of the silent sacrifices of mothers -- heck, I barely noticed until I sat down and thought to myself -- when was the last time I had a chance to sit by myself and do whatever I wanted for an hour or two? It's been awhile!!
The other truth I've come to realize is that the best diet plans in the world ain't got nothing on motherhood!! For the past two days, I've been lucky if I can grab a piece of peanut butter toast (a favorite of mine) and a cup of coffee in the morning. Then, I keep the pot warm all afternoon, and down cups of caffein whenever I can -- 75 percent of the time, missing lunch completely in my rush to get the boys fed (Asher now eats a hearty lunch of rice cereal and formula, as well as bananas and sweet potatoes ... his FAVORITE). I'm at my pre-Ash weight, and wouldn't be surprised if I lost more at this rate. Hooray! That's one benefit of motherhood I guess I don't mind. My boys keep me hopping, that's for sure.
The photos were taken recently. The one of Ash in his saucer on the back porch was taken this weekend. He was hanging out while I planted some hydrangeas (sp?) in the garden. The one of Gabriel was taken today. He put half the container of bubbles into the bath while I was out of the room gathering laundry. So it was quite the bubbly bath.
Oh, and this humble reporter is not above admitting my shortcomings. As was reported late last night, the iconic legend Brett Favre is returning to Green Bay for yet another season. So I stand corrected. But hey, I'm a girl. There's my flimsy excuse right there. :)


C Staude said...

It's Santa Claus! Or Mr. Bubble... I am not sure!
Oh... Mr. Favre made the local news here too... I don't get what all the fuss was about.. he threw a record # of interceptions last season, didn't he???? Well, who am I to talk, we held onto Kurt Warner for awhile beyond his shelf life too... keep the fans happy.

Nhia said...

The boys are so cute! ... i'm at a healthy weight but my issue is that this weight (or, uh, fat ) is not distributed evenly -- it's mostly in my mid-section, making it hard to fit into my pre-pregnancy pants). It's hard for one to tell, but John could tell you that this is definitely the case (what a husband!)... Katrina, do you see the time on this entry? Guess who has to get up with Norah AGAIN ?????

Katrina said...

At 3 a.m. again!! That stinks! Kick that hubby of yours out of bed with a bottle!! Although I know that doesn't always work ... Nate's best excuse ever (and I quote):
ME: Honey, the baby is crying, can you get him?
Nate: I can't hear.

???!!! :)

Katrina said...

I love you Nathan! :)