Sunday, May 27, 2007

A visit from Gretchen

This is the first post of photos from our visit with "Auntie Gretchen." My sister, Gretchen, made the trip to Wisconsin this weekend to spend a few days hanging out with us -- what a fun time!! These photos were taken yesterday, when we went hiking at Kohler Andre State Park and had a picnic on the beach. For some reason, I just LOVE the photo of Ash sitting in his little lawn chair munching on his PB&J sandwich. Man, that kid can pack it away! He ate more than Gabe.... an entire sadwich, a banana, and some hard boiled eggs...not to mention a hefty helping of cookies at the end of the meal! More photos to come!


marzi said...

omg! it took me a minute to realize that the first photo wasn't you! are you twins? wow.

looks like a fun time!

t.leaf + k said...

Kohler is so much fun! Kelly and I went up there a year (or two?) ago. We went to that beach and hiked on one or their short trails. Great times!

P.S. See you in a few days!!

DawnK said...

I love Kohler Andrae State Park. We took the dog there today, for a walk! She loves the beach! I like walking on the beach and listening to the waves!

Katrina said...

Marzi: No, we're not twins, but we do get that a lot! She's older than me by four years!
Todd and Dawn: Yeah, doesn't Kohler rock!!! It's the best park! We love camping there too, because it's close enough to come home if the weather or the moods of our boys don't cooperate! :)