Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer ... STL style

The kids and I have been enjoying some good fun, St. Louis style. Just yesterday, we took Grandma and went to the Botanical Gardens, which has a newly installed kids playground, complete with caves, riverboats, and tree houses ... pretty sweet! The boys had a BLAST! Afterwards, we had a picnic in Tower Grove Park and encountered a beautiful water fountain, that was obviously built for play. Tons of children were splashing and having a good time, and my boys lost no time joining them. Gabriel hopped right in, shorts and all, and luckily, I had a spare swim diaper for Asher in my car. Rhylah wanted so badly to join in the water fun, that we eventually just plunked her butt right in, diaper, clothes and everything, and just let her splash around. Hey, when there's a heat temp of 105 degrees, you can let your kids get drenched on a whim and then ride home in their car seats in just their diapers!! (or wet superman underwear, if you're a 6-year-old!) LOL! What a fun day!

Here we are at the entrance to the Botanical Gardens.

They have these huge colorful sculptures all over the park right now. The boys loved this one of course because it reminded them of the crystal skull .... Indiana Jones of course!!

Here we are feeding fish in the Japanese gardens. These fish were easily 2-3 feet long. They were ginormous!!

Here we are, sitting on a colorful lion statue which the boys LOVED climbing on. (It was allowed, don't worry! :)

At the fountain ... Miss Rhylah sits in the zero depth part of the "pool." Her face says it all. "Ahhh! So cool and refreshing on a hot, steamy Missouri day!!"

Mr. Asher overcomes his fear of water and begins to act very fishlike! I was so proud of him!

A great shot by grandma -- water stopped in midair!! Or mid-throw as the case may be..

I dip Rhylah's toes in the fountain.

The boys loved ducking into the fountain and hiding behind the curtain of water. Too fun!


DawnK said...

What a great place for them to have fun! Wow, 105? I think it was only in the 70's, or low 80's, today, in Sheboygan! 100+ is too hot for me!

Anonymous said...

hi everybody!

It looks like you had tons of fun!! I miss all of you so much!! I love you and will see you soon!

love, Daddy

Nhia said...

Awww. I miss seeing your kids. My kids miss seeing your kids! Asher's so cute in just the swim diaper. Too cute! Isn't that just a great combo -- kids and water. They can never get enough of it.

We think about you guys often (Norah still refers to Asher as her boyfriend!) and are so glad to see how well everything is going. Keep us posted!

DawnK said...

Just looking at your St. Louis pictures. We visited there, earlier this summer. We did get to the Missouri Botanical Gardens, but not the zoo. It was in the 90's when we were there. I admire you for braving 105. We never did walk over to the koi pool. It was just too hot. I did spend some time in the shade, near a big white house, though, by a garden full of blue, purple, and pink flowers, though. I also did walk through the herb garden. I also loved the "food" garden, that was full of developing kiwifruit, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.