Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Zoo photos

Here are some photos from our trip to the St. Louis zoo two days ago.

Here we are watching the penguins. Actually, we are mocking a duck that was swimming in the puffin area of the exhibit. It was about 105 degrees with 98% humidity that day, but it felt like 35 degrees in the penguin house! So we figured the duck was masquerading as a puffin for the day, just to beat the heat. We even made up dialog for him ... "I'm just swimming along! Nothing to see here! I'm a puffin! Really! I swear!!"

Standing by the moving T-Rex in the dino exhibit ... notice how asher would not look at the Rex ... he was slightly terrified. Actually, if I could put a thought bubble above his head in this photo, it would read "Ummmm ... mommmmmm..... there's a little something standing right behind you....and I'm pretty sure I need a diaper change...."

Me and Rhylah by the elephants.

One of the dinos actually "spit" at you. You should have seen Gabriel jump out of his skin when that happened! Notice Mr. Asher clutching my leg in terror.

Gabe gets to hold a rock that was found in the tummy of a real T-Rex. The zoo experts were very friendly and chatted with us for a few moments at the end of the exhibit.


Nhia said...

You guys are having soooooooo much fun this summer! I'm so jealous as I continue to slave over work at the Press! But boy do I miss our conversations. Miss Norah is now potty-trained; how's Asher in that department? Mr. Ian is STILL NOT walking but he's getting closer everyday. I'm sure Miss Rhylah will walk before he does! And Miss Ella is as feisty and competitive as ever, if not moreso now! Do e-mail and let us know of how things are going for you all. I'm so happy about the house for you. Everything's falling into place, it seems? Just like how we talked about some 2+ months ago! :)

Anonymous said...

hey katrina its becky again i was wondering if i could have your email address my mom was wondering to so we could email you some time!
well my family says HI!
love becky

Katrina said...

Heya Becky! Sure, no problem! We're at How is your summer going? We miss you guys a lot!!

DawnK said...

Wow, you are ambitious, going to the zoo, that kind of heat! Ugh. We went to the Milwaukee Zoo, once, for a Saturn-sponsored event, and it was in the 90's. We were so hot. It was a good thing the zoo had some places with misters set up, so we could get some relief from the heat. I'd much rather go, when it's cooler.

The dinosaur thing looks so cool, but I can see where they could be scary to a 2yo.

Gabe sure looks like he's gotten taller, this summer.

Anonymous said...

I think we were at the St. Louis Zoo on the same day. Sorry we didn't get in touch with you guys while we were in St. Chucks : (
(my brother Jeff got married last weekend)
Scott H.