Monday, November 03, 2008

Just a fall stroll...

We enjoyed an Indian Summer day recently out at Uncle Carl's farm, letting both the kids and the dog run free and burn off some energy. The kids are always eager to see what they can find to eat, but this time of year ... it's a challenge! But we did manage to find a few late season apples and leftover grapes!

Rhy takes turns riding on mommy and daddy's shoulders. I sure wish she would master walking! She takes a few steps on her own now, as of Oct. 20, but will not do much more than that.

Reaching for some grapes.

Some late season seedless grapes, surrounded by fall-colored leaves.

Walking in the vineyard.

Rhylah and I wait on the hill, relaxing while the boys have a sword fight in the blueberry patch.

Me and my kids ... notice that Asher is STILL wearing his Halloween costume!


Unknown said...

But he makes such a cute pirate! I have to say, I wish we would have thought of that so that Jack could have been...well, Captain Jack.

Nhia said...

Hey! I was hoping to see today some Halloween photos of the kids trick-or-treating! But cute photos nonetheless! Gabe sure is growing. And Rhylah is so adorable with those earings! And Asher is just like the girls here -- they certainly love their Halloween costumes, don't they! :)