Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Time

This past weekend, we made our annual trek to the pumpkin farm. To Gabriel's intense delight, we found a farm with far more than just pumpkins -- it also had a corn maze, animals, a train ride and a haunted house. (As you can imagine, Gabriel was practically vibrating with delight!) Gabe's favorite part, surprisingly, was the haunted house -- which really consisted of a semi trailer with a pitch black tunnel, strobe lights and freaky looking spiders and alien dolls propped in odd places.
Tonight we carved the pumpkins. Again, Gabriel was super excited. We bought a book of patterns, but he wanted a Batman design, so we had to go online to find ideas. Nate carved a modified crystal skull, since he will be trick-or-treating in full Indian Jones gear ... Ash wanted a skull and crossbones, since he's going as a pirate. I didn't pick out a pumpkin, but I did carve the cat for Rhylah. It was great fun!

Here we all are at the pumpkin farm.

Rhylah makes friends with a goat.

My boys enjoy cider and popcorn in the barn.

Rhylah stands by the pumpkins.

Asher poses with a pumpkin hat while watching dad carve.

Gabe freaks out about the goo while gutting his pumpkin. Strangely, Asher had absolutely no problems with reaching into his pumpkin to clean it out. Gabriel, however, must have stopped three times to wash his hands...

Asher imitates dads carving skills as he works on a small chunk-o-pumpkin.


DawnK said...

Awww, looks like fun! My teenagers still like going to the pumpkin farm! Emily and I have to carve our pumpkins tomorrow night. My pumpkin from the pumpkin farm, started to get soft and mushy, so I had to buy another one. LOL!

marzi said...

such nice pumpkins. ours is already rotting on the front steps. eewww.

C Staude said...

Great shots! We did the "punkin" thing on Sunday too... I am waiting to post until Gret has a chance to put up her pics... but it was fun! You guys are the most AWESOME punkin carvers I know! I always show your works of art to my students each year so they can see how it should be done!!! BRAVO!

+gmjameson said...

You have a long wait. We didn't carve our pumpkins. They are sitting beautifully intact on our porch. **sigh** Oh dear!