Monday, April 13, 2009

A Few More...

Here are a few more Easter shots from Nathan's camera...

Here is the Easter girl, all dressed up.

Rhy and daddy

Me and the kiddos.

Nathan and the kiddos

The kids search for eggs and baskets at Aunt Kathy and Uncle Jon's house.

My boys!

This is the face she makes when our darling girl spots her new, favorite animal accompanied with her new, favorite word "BIRD!" She loves birds and would follow them anywhere.

Rhylah and her Uncle Carl! She went right up to him, wanting "UP" for hugs, several times on Easter, which is a big deal for her!


DawnK said...

More cuteness. They kids all look so nice. Is Rhy pretty tall? She looks so big, in her pretty dress.

C Staude said...

MORE great pics! Loved looking at all of them! Thanks for posting them!

C Staude said...

So.... should I save the big bird cage in my garage for when you decide to buy a bird for Rhylah? Hmmmmm? :-)