Thursday, February 17, 2011

An Ice Time Downtown

This past weekend was the annual fire and ice festival in St. Joseph. They start the weekend with a bonfire on Friday night, where apparently, they put a huge slab of ice in the fire. Supposedly, it's amazing. While we didn't make it to the bonfire, we did manage to scoot down on Sunday after church, and see the final results of the ice carving contest. Of course by then, temps had warmed up and the ice was dripping away. But we still got to see some cool stuff!

My monkeys!

Say cheese!

A horse carving.

A groovy dragon outside the Chocolate Cafe was just about one of the last sculptures still intact in the warming weather.

Gabe, hamming it up.

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DawnK said...

Those are very pretty! A lot of work to just watch it melt away. Looks interesting!