Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A Walk in the Woods

July 21, 2012 We went for a family hike in late July and got some great photos. The dogs especially love to go out to Grand Mere State Park. It's so empty and quiet, we can let them off leash so they can run all over the dunes. Roxy's hips are getting old, so she's not as quick as she used to be, but she has fun! And Lucca is just a furry black blur as he chases after the kids ankles. So sweet!!
Love this shot I gook over my shoulder and Gabe freaking out behind me. Toooo funny!!
Rhy gets ready to walk Lucca.
The smallest members of our family are the cutest!
Monster Gabe!
Sandy little fur baby!
They were having fun, I promise.
The Harrmanns
Digging for rocks and shells.
Look, photographic proof that Nate DOES like Lucca! :)
Me and my baby.
Me and my fur baby, Lucca.
Nate and Roxy, who loves him to distraction. :)

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DawnK said...

Looks like a fun day at the beach. Our days at the beach never included Gary. He's not a swimmer and her sunburns too easily!