Tuesday, November 06, 2012

County Fair: Part 1

In August, it's always time for the County Fair. It's a lot of fun, but also kinda sad, because we know our summer is winding down, and school is just around the corner!
Love this photo. Even though Asher looks like he's about to explode. :)
Asher's buddy Kale had a cow at the show, so we got to get up close and personal and scratch her back.
LOVE love loooove this photo! The goat looks like he's grinning!
Baby goat! Just a few hours old!
Asher's favorite animals were the goats. He desperately wanted to take one home!
Me and my kiddos.
Asher and Rhy LOVED riding the roller coaster, which surprised me, since Rhy was so nervous of rides at Disney just a month earlier!

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DawnK said...

I think the goats are fun, too. This year, many of them wanted to be petted and worked hard at getting you to pet them! They seemed used to lots of attention! Other years, they haven't been as friendly.