Monday, October 19, 2015

BIG First Day of School ... Sept. 8

This year was a BIG year, because we stopped going to Christ Lutheran and started going to Brown School, with Asher and Rhylah. It has been AMAZING and wonderful so far! They were nervous their first day, but luckily, we had gone to an ice cream social beforehand, so they knew a few faces. What a day! They came home so happy and excited ... and had already made LOTS of friends. We are so blessed by God ... who holds us all in HIS mighty hand, no matter WHAT school we go to!
Making his lunch! Asher always likes to make his own lunch!
Morning devotions.
We have an EIGHTH GRADER in the house this year!!
Helping her read Proverbs.
Heading into Brown
New friends ... a LOT of NEW!

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