Monday, October 19, 2015


This October, my parents splurged on tickets for all of us to go to the MIZZOU homecoming football game. I can't begin to say how much FUN we had! I hadn't been back since I graduated! I got to bring my flute and play with the alumni marching band...marching out on the field for pregame! Also, I got to show the kids the campus. They were so impressed, that I think all three of them want to go to school there! WHAT a day!!
My old dorm. It now has air conditioning! I went to school in the stone age!
Rhy picked out a stuffed tiger in the bookstore.
Asher got a football, of course!
Gabriel got a hat.
Mom, at the band practice field. SO FUN!
Me and Amy (Shields) Roust. She was my old section leader!
Me, Amy and Carla, all flutes from the same era!
On the field! The crowd was 70,000 strong!
Truman waved at me as I left the field.
Our family. We had SO much fun!
The dude behind them totally photo bombed the picture, but my camera is slow, so I missed most of it. Ha!
A gorgeous sunset over Faurot Field!
Tiger bling!
I made some awesome memories!!
The stadium ... this was compiled of three different photos, photoshopped together!

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