Friday, May 26, 2006

Sitting up

Well, Asher is officially sitting up! Well, perhaps I should clarify ... He's not pulling himself up into a sitting position, but when we put him on the floor in a sitting position, he usually lasts for a few minutes now, before toppling over in slow motion onto his side. It's very exciting for all of us -- especially Gabriel, who seems to think that now Asher is one step closer to being a real playmate.
On a separate note, Gabriel delivered his first marriage proposal in school last week, and got shot down! He came home from school very dejected, with stooped shoulders and a sad little face, letting me know that he had "asked Samantha to marry me ... but she said no." So I tried to tell him, in a very serious manner, (hiding my smile) that he has plenty of time to find a wife -- but he still seems somewhat bothered by the fact that he doesn't have a wife yet. After all, there are a lot of "fish" in the sea, but he is closing in on 4 and a half!! :)


C Staude said...

Congratulations Asher... you look so cute sitting there all on your own! By the way... I love the hat :-)
Can you send me some jpegs of these?

Nhia said...

The boys are so cute! I love Asher's rolls!

Tell Gabe that Ella is still single, although she may be too feisty and have too much attitude for such a nice boy!

amy7252 said...

Asher's got some cute baby fat going on those arms!! What a doll. Before you know it, he'll be proposing to the ladies, too...

And seriously, Gabe's search for a wife is too, too cute! He's going to be so embarrassed when you remind him about this when he's a teenager.