Thursday, May 04, 2006

War of the Weeds

Nathan and I declared war on our front lawn today.
The enemy: Dandelions. Massive amounts of dandelions. Copious, thriving, yellow dots from satan, scattered all over our entire front lawn. Now let me assure you -- we dealt with this problem last year, and managed to get the required turf builder/weed killer junk on our lawn this spring. But the darn things just aren't dying like they're supposed to. Check out the masive dandelion I pulled out of the backyard this afternoon! The root on this puppy was over a foot long! Nathan and I joked that if we hadn't pulled it when we did, in a few days, it would've walked into our house demanding a cup of coffee or a steak. Either that or it would have eaten Roxy one afternoon in the backyard. YIKES. So we spent several hours this afternoon pulling every stinking dandelion plant out of our front yard by the roots, and then watering the lawn, hoping that NOW at least, the fertilizer/weed killer will start to work.
The other photo is of Gabe's new shoes. Roxy's newest form of entertainment is eating Gabe's sneakers and sandals. She ate two pairs this week alone! So poor Gabe, bewildered at the rate at which he is loosing footwear, needed new shoes this week. He had a blast picking out these shoes himself, and is very excited by the fact that he can get them on and off by himself. Yay Gabe!


NBHPhoto said...

Are those the legs of a Wisconsinite or what?!

C Staude said...

Those aren't dandelions! Those are mandrake roots!!!!

C Staude said...

Tell Gabe I LOVE his shoes! Very Cool!

amy7252 said...

Ugh, Kat, you have GOT to get a new picture up. That dandelion is freaking me out!! (The root looks like a rat's tail.) Ewww!!!

Katrina said...

Amy, you crack me up!!
I'll have new blog material after this weekend ... we're going to St. Louis. Yay!! :)