Friday, January 12, 2007

More fun with clothes

Here's what my little charmer looked like after his morning nap today. He seems to have decided that the best thing to do, when faced with bedtime, is try and take all his clothes off. It's so adorable! Whenever I go into his room lately, I have no idea if he'll be pantless, shirtless, or some strange combination inbetween, such as in this case, when he got stuck with the shirt up around his back! You'd think he would start to cry in his crib if he got stuck like this, but I never heard a peep out of him! What a goof!


Unknown said...

Asher is turning into such a handsome little man! We have an awful time keeping socks on Jack. And as much as he likes to be naked, ahem, I can't imagine what he will be like when he figures out how to take off everything else.

Katrina said...

Yeah, it's all good until they figure out how to take the diaper off -- Yikes!! :)