Friday, January 05, 2007

The other white meat

Okay, so I was walking through Piggly Wiggly doing some grocery shopping today, when what did my wondering eyes behold in the meat case??? PORK STEAKS!! Yes indeed! Pork steaks have made it to my Wisconsin grocery store! I was shocked! I had heard rumors that there were pork steaks in town, but I had never seen them for myself. Now, if you're from Missouri, you know what a pork steak is. Basically, it's like a tender, juicy piece of steak/rib meat on a bone. SOOOOO good. My dad, back in St. Louis, makes the world's most perfect pork steak. And I supopse I'll have to ask him exactly how he does it, now that I too, have pork steaks in my freezer! Yahoo!! Anyway, that was my wonderful find for the day!
In other news, Asher was fussing in his crib today and NOT taking a nap. After a few minutes I went in to find my little man standing there with no socks AND no pants!! He had taken his pants off! The little stinker! I'm really not sure how he managed this, since he can barely walk around the room without toppling over like a drunken sailor, let alone manage the logistics of separate pant legs! It's a mystery I suppose I'll never solve!


marzi said...

i know nothing about pork steaks, but i do know all about the whole "taking-the-pants-off-in-the-crib-thing". it's so funny when you walk in and discover your child his managed to find a way to get them off. those little guys are so smart. :)

C Staude said...

Dad's recipe for barbecued pork steaks is now on our recipe Wiki! Congratulations go out to all of Sheboygan on it now having access to this epicurean delicacy! Should go right alongside bratwurst as a picnic staple... and would go famously with your cheesey potatoes! Mmmmmmm!

Unknown said...

How can a mid-westerner survive without BBQ pork steaks? Growing up, we had them at least every other week, sometimes more. Mmmmmm.

Katrina said...

Yeah I know! We did too! It's crazy stuff -- I guess they replace them with brats here in Wisconsin...a noble effort, but it doesn't quite do the trick! :)

Colin Roust said...

But what (or where) is the recipe?!?

C Staude said...

Here ya go!

Ed's Barbecued Pork Steaks

Steps to perfect barbecued Pork Steaks

Try to get steaks 3/4" - 1" thick.. thinner ones tend to dry out.

1. Parboil them in water with a 1/4 onion and 1 can of beer added for about 20 minutes on a low simmer.

2. Place steaks on a hot grill (med. to med high) sear each side for about 3 min. to seal in juices.

3. Turn fire on LOW and brush with a THICK barbecue sauce - I like KC Masterpiece for its consistency and thickness.

4. Continue to grill on LOW for 10-15 minutes per side, slathering on sauce and watching the sauce doesn't burn..... they are edible at this point.

5. If I have time, then I get a metal pan... (roaster or cake pan...) lined with foil. Cover steaks thickly with additional barbecue sauce and put foil on top of pan but not sealed tight. I clean off my grill top, then I set the pan in there with the grill on low for at least 20 min. to an hour. The longer the better... If you can't do it for at least 20 min. don't mess with this step.

6. Remove from grill and ENJOY!