Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Elves In my garden

These two little cuties were hanging out in my garden today. The boys just LOVE the garden, especially now that they can pick cherry tomatoes, which is what they're doing here. My tomato plants are taller than me! And you can see from the photo how big our sunflowers are getting! At least 8 feet tall! Our garden is full of various wildlife this year. There' s a bird (that me and the boys have named "Flutter") living in the birdhouse hanging from the arbor. He flies out of the house as soon as we enter the garden and scolds us from a nearby fence until we leave. There's also a baby bunny we've named Shiloh. He's been living in our cabbage for quite some time and is now getting quite big. The boys love spotting these various critters when we're in the garden. Mommy enjoys it too, except for the time when I was out looking for zuchhini and Shiloh decided to get extra friendly and sit on my bare foot. YIPES!! Even Roxy likes to get in on the garden fun. Here's the fun part ... can you spot her in the second photo??


C Staude said...

What CUTE elves!
You really had a bunny sit on your foot??!!! Wow!
I love your sunflowers!

t.leaf + k said...

That's a sweet picture with the "hidden" Roxy. You should take pictures for I Spy!!

Katrina said...

Yes, the bunny sat on my foot, shortly before being propelled through the air by the same foot. I felt badly afterwards -- what kind of a person kicks a bunny rabbit? Oh well. Maybe next time it will clear its throat and introduce itself before sitting on my foot. :) Then I wouldn't mind so much!