Friday, August 17, 2007

Thankful for friends

I've never been the type of person who makes friends super-easily. (although I always wished that I was) It's a combination, probably, of me being somewhat shy, and something of a homebody. But this week, I realized just how blessed I am to have a super group of gal pals here at my work. In my office, there are about six or seven of us who are in about the same age bracket. Most of us have kids and spend time commiserating about the joys and trials of being a wife and mother.
This week, my friends threw me a surprise baby shower party at Margaux, an upscale restaurant in town that I absolutely LOOOVE! They spoiled me rotten, with lots of gifts (baby girl Harrmann now has tons of cute new frilly, fussy clothes!!) balloons and lunch.
And it made me realize how very special this group of gals is to me -- and how important friendship is! So to Nhia, Jen, Jamie, Janet and Belia ... thanks for the party! You're all a bunch of sweethearts! And it really meant a lot to me!

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Nhia said...

We were just looking for an excuse to have an all-girls luncheon! Thanks for being that excuse! :)