Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Salsa fun

I've discovered the cure-all for a stuffed up nose.
Spend an hour dicing green peppers, jalepeno peppers and onions -- oh, and pressing garlic. If you do this ... poof! (as Gabe would say) your nose is perfectly clear. We've finally begun getting a bunch of tomatoes from our garden -- mostly Romas, but also a few Early Girl's and Cherry tomatoes too. This week, it started to get away from us -- more tomatoes than we could slice, salt and eat in a day, so to speak. So I decided to get imaginative and spent yesterday canning a few jars of homemade salsa. It was pretty easy, but I guess I have no idea how it will taste yet. I'll have to report back later with the results.


DawnK said...

They look yummy! I canned tomatoes one year and they were soooo good. I haven't quite gotten up the ambition to do it again, but I should. They were much better than store-canned tomatoes.

marzi said...

mmmmm......homemade salsa!! so good! they look great!

Nhia said...

Those look good ... Can I buy one from you? :) (Seriously?)

C Staude said...

These look Great, Katrina! Way to go, girl! We've been freezing ours in quart sized bags. It's great... you just chop em up in a food processor and dump them into the bags and freeze!
But they don't look as pretty as your salsa!

Colin Roust said...

Every fall, my mom would make a year's supply of the best tomato soup ever. Seriously, it's the best. I got so spoiled eating it as a kid that I have yet to find another tomato soup that I will willingly eat a second time.

Katrina said...

Can I get that tomato soup recipe from you/her??? Seriously, I have more tomatoes than God. If...God were to have tomatoes...that is... :)

Colin Roust said...

Here you go:

7 qts tomatoes, cut up
6 stalks celery (about 1 pint), cut up
7 sprigs parsley
7 bay leaves
11 cloves
4 medium onions

Cook one hour and strain. (Mom says that she uses a special colander on a stand with a wooden pestle, but that a strainer and a large spoon or ladle might work, too.)

Mix in:
7 Tbsp flour
8 Tbsp sugar
4 Tbsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper

Boil 3 minutes and pour into glass jars. Cool and then refrigerate. (Or, for canning, cool and put them someplace dark and cool.)

To serve, combine equal parts soup mix and milk. If you like, add a pinch of soda and 1/2tsp butter (though I've never done that!).

[Every quart of tomatoes makes one pint of soup mix.]