Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More park fun

Just a few fun shots of our walk to the park this morning.

Mr. Asher plays on the playground.

sniff sniff, what is this?

Hey mom, what IS this???

Oh well, maybe I'll just give it to Rhylah...

Who will promptly eat it...

Smiles from the little girl

I told Ash to stand by Rhylah for a photo. I love how he has his hand on her head as if to say "This is MY baby."


C Staude said...

I want to know what Rhylah thought of her dandelion snack!!!
Cute shots, Kate!

DawnK said...

Cute pictures. Looks like Asher had a great time! How fun to still be entranced by dandelions! Don't know that I would want to eat one, though!

Nhia said...

Asher got a haircut! How cute! And Miss Rhylah still has no hair! Can't wait to see everyone this weekend!