Thursday, May 01, 2008

Something to pucker up about

I've come to the conclusion that if it is after midnight, and I'm in a Walgreens, I will buy something strange.
Last night I got off work, and we needed milk for the boys breakfasts in the morning, so I headed on over to Walgreens.
As soon as I entered and was confronted with aisle up on aisle of colorfully packaged cosmetics, I remembered I needed lipstick.
What did I end up with? A strange new product that I just COULD NOT resist! It's by Sally Hansen and it's called Lip Inflation Extreme. It's lipstick, that's also supposed to inflate your lips! Can you believe that? It sorta stings a bit, which makes me worry a little -- is this the same stuff in a bee sting? Hence the correlation with the "bee sting" pout? I will have to do some research. In the meantime, you'll have to judge the results for yourself. I'm not convinced. Okay, yes, I'm hamming it up in the first photo, but in the second, my little pucker looks quite small. It's all a matter of perception I guess!

A full blown lip smacker. Okay, yes, I'm being cheesey....

A normal face while I'm on the phone talking and blogging at the same time. (Yes, I'm a woman, so I multi-task!)


amy7252 said...

Well, it does look good ... bigger, I'm not sure. Before you mentioned the bee-sting theory, I was thinking, "So, they put something in it to give you an allergic reaction?"

By the way, LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU in that second photo!!

C Staude said...

Wow... but I can't say for sure if the angle and closeness of the first picture isn't part of the effect I'm seeing... I dunno... seems kinda of a hype deal to me. Sort of like those creams that can make cellulite vanish... But then, I am generally skeptical about these sorts of things! :-) I concur with Amy on the second photo!! hee hee!

Anonymous said...

I have TRIED the cellulite cream and it WORKS! My elbows have never looked better!


Anonymous said...

i've heard they put cinnamon in those..that's why it stings a little

Katrina said...

Cinnamon! Really! Huh, I never thought of that!
Amy: You should have seen the photo where he was standing behind me picking his nose. I almost posted that one because it was just SO funny. He always insists on climbing up on the chair, right behind me, while I'm on the computer!!

Katrina said...

Nathan: I love you, you goofy man of mine. ;)

+gmjameson said...

So. When I first read the name of the product, I thought it was Lip INFLAMATION ... and I was like, "Ouch!"

Dunno if it works, but your sure look good. And I like the color of your top.

;-) Gret

Katrina said...

Thanks sista! ;)