Monday, April 06, 2009

Rag Curl Girl

So I got Rhy the CUUUUTEST Easter dress, and I've been thinking that her fluffy hair is long enough to curl in the back, if we really felt like getting fussy with it for Easter.

On a whim, last night, I decided to try and rag curl it, and see if anything happened. As you can see, I picked her feistiest time of night to try and do this .... she was running everywhere ... shrieking and having such fun spraying herself in the face with the water bottle.

Eventually I got them all in. (We just tore strips of cotton from an old T-shirt of Nathan's) I didn't want her to try and sleep in them however, so I took them out after about 15 minutes. She actually had QUITE a bit of fluff and body to her hair ... but not so much actual CURL as you can see. I think she needs a bit more hair to do that.

But gosh we had fun! She looked so cute running around the house in her little rag curls. She reminded me of Amy March. (That's from Little Women, for all you literary geeks out there..I believe she was always obsessed about her curls in that book....)

One of Rhy's favorite spots in the house is standing on the end of the radiator, where she is here. I just LOVE the rag curls!

Look how soaked she got! Her little shirt is just dripping! She had way too much fun with the water spritzer.

As you can see, we got a little curl and a LOT of fluff!

Kinda cute for a 15-minute curl!


DawnK said...

Awwww, how cute is that? Rag curls would be far safer than using a curling iron, too. Sarah had curly hair, her first few years of life (as in 3 and under). People asked me all the time, if I'd given her a perm, or used a curling iron. Ummm, sure, a hot curling iron near a wiggly 2yo. I don't think so. Her hair was just that curly, all on its own. It isn't that curly anymore, but does have a serious wave going on.

Can't wait to see Rhy's hair in the Easter pics!

Cassie said...

This brought back memories of when my mother used to rag curl my hair! You're going to laugh, but whenever she would do that, I would put on my "colonial" outfit from when we lived on Main Street and pretend I was a little colonial girl! Not quite "Little Women"..."Little House on the Prairie"? :)

Cute pictures! I love the one of her running and squirting herself in the face! Pure joy!

C Staude said...

Awww! Love these! I wonder if you blew her hair dry while the curls were in if they would be a bit tighter.. never tried these on you myself. Adorable!

nhia said...

VERY cute indeed! Wait until it gets longer. You'll have so much fun with the hot-air brush, pigtails, hair clips and ... it's endless, really!

I've JUST recently started curling my girls' hair with the hot-air brush. And they LOVE it. I need to start getting more creative with their hair now that it's so much longer!