Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Night at the Ball Park

Gabe is in love with baseball.
On facebook this week, I shared the story of what happened at his game last night.
Gabe walked up to the batter's box, pointed his bat out to left field, and called his shot. I groaned and hid behind my hands, muttering to myself "What is he DOING???"

Gabe is a big fan of Babe Ruth, or as he is called in our household ... "The Great Bambino." So of course, I wasn't ALL that surprised to see my 8-year-old son mimicking the great sultan of swat on his little league field.

To my utter shock, Gabe cranked the very first pitch out into left field, beyond the left-fielder's position. Nathan and I cheered like crazy idiots and had a good laugh.
Afterwards, he seemed surprised that I was so shocked by his play. Only Gabe could pull off such a move, with absolutely no gloating at all ... he had simply done it. And that was all.

These photos aren't from last night's game, but they still give you a sense of how my little slugger looks on the field. And my mini slugger too ...

Gabe gets a piece of an incoming pitch.

Playing shortstop, his usual hangout.

Runnin' hard.

My little girl can't help wanting to be part of the action.

Can I play too???


amy7252 said...

Oh my gosh, those pictures of Rhylah ... totally takes me back to when my brother played little league baseball and I was running around outside the fence, wanting to play and yet happy that I wasn't facing a scary pitching machine. Then, I would run off to the concession stand to spend my allowance on A&W root beer and Fun Dip. Geez, my heart just skipped a beat at the thought of the sugar overload.

Great photos! And so many memories in the making.

Katrina said...

FUN DIP!! LOL! Yeah, I think (HOPE!) she's making some fun memories. Either that, or someday she'll complain about how we used to always drag her to the baseball field. Oh well! :)

DawnK said...

Great pictures, as always. Rhylah looks like she is having fun! So does Gabe! You'll have to sign Rhylah up for baseball as soon as she's old enough.