Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Baseball Fever

All of the Harrmann boys are playing baseball this summer. Which means the our household has been hit by baseball fever . . . BIG time.
Gabe has had a fantastic season as a Cardinal. Not only is he playing on the team of his dreams, but his team is 5-3, which isn't a bad record. Nate is helping out with coaching.
Gabe's playing short stop and third base and has already hit a home run this year. Last night he hit a triple. The guy is a hitting machine.
Asher LOVES being able to play just like his big brother. He's in the instructional league which is held every Saturday afternoon for 8 or 9 weeks. He's doing great at hitting, catching and throwing!

Asher walks purposefully to his very first baseball practice ever. He was SOOO excited!

Taking some at-bats in the batting cages. Asher did AWESOME smacking that T-ball around!

My slugger . . . Gabriel!

Gabe and his dad. Nate is an assistant coach this year, which has been great fun. Gabe loves having his dad for a coach. He thinks it's "Totally cool!!"

Miss Rhylah at baseball practice.

Smooching with daddy.

Three cuties.

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Cathy said...

Aww, such sweeties!