Saturday, June 18, 2011

Memorial Day

Once again, I'm behind on my blogging, so I'm still catching up on stuff that happened in May. We had such a blast when my sister and her family came to visit us for Memorial Day. Rhylah LOVES LOVES LOOOOOVES it when cousin Sydney comes to visit, because they are only three months apart and Syd is the closest she will have to a sister. We had a blast taking in the sights of our small town ... I always love a good excuse to do that whenever we have company!

Asher dressed up as a cowboy for Sydney ... the outfit is about three sizes too small, but that doesn't seem to bother him.

The Uncles drawing ninja turtles and trying to mimic their funny faces. This is the crazy stuff we do once the kids go to bed.

My and my Rhy girl at lunch at the Stray Dog in New Buffalo -- FANTASTIC restaurant.

These girls were pretty much side-by-side the entire weekend.

All of us at the table.

Silly Asher making one of his characteristic goofy faces. What a ham.

Rhy has overcome her fear of the carousel ... or the "carrot self" as she calls it.

Me and my baby girl on the carousel. I love that at least one of my babies still needs me on this ride.

Rhy eating ice cream at Cabana's.

Love this shot of Asher and Sydney.

Goofy boys doing what they do best ... being goofy.

All of us enjoying a Memorial Day picnic on our new patio!


amy7252 said...

This post made me smile and smile and smile! What a happy, beautiful extended family.

C Staude said...

Looks like a Perfect weekend! Looking forward to our time with you on the 4th!!