Monday, August 29, 2011

Trip to Ludington: Part 2

My kids would've made awesome gypsies -- they thrive around a campfire.
We cooked hot dogs and then marshmallows -- and of course, everyone has their own way of doing things. Gabe likes his food charred. Ash likes his rare. I like mine lightly toasted.
Afterward, we sat around the fire and watched the millions of stars come out. It was incredible. Then I told a classic campfire scary ghost story and enjoyed watching Asher levitate about 2 feet out of his chair at the end of it. Priceless! He kept begging me to tell it again and again, but I just laughed, not wanting to scare him TOO much!
The next morning, Gabe and I biked to the river, only about a 30 second bike ride, and tried our luck at fishing. I caught my first bass EVER! And on my first cast of the morning! He put up a good fight, my pole was definitely bent over with the effort of it. We carried him back to the tent, very excited with our "kill". Nate was a champ, hauled out a knife that would make Crocodile Dundee jealous, and gutted it. Then he cooked it over the fire. It wasn't bad eating, but I think I prefer trout.
The next morning, we took a bike ride on a gravel trail for a few miles to reach Sable Point Lighthouse. It was breathtaking! On the way back, we got a flat tire, so that was our adventure for the morning. Nate quickly rode back to the car and grabbed a repair kit and brought it back. Problem solved!

Here is Miss Rhy in her jammies and hoodie, getting ready for bed, but staying warm at the same time!

Our campfire.

There's something so cheerful about a campfire.

Me and my catch. Next time, I'm hoping it will be Gabe who hauls home the big fish!

It really was 14 inches! Handy to have a cooler with a ruler on it!

Look at the size of that mouth!!

Here is Sable Point Lighthouse, which we reached after a half-hour bike ride.

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