Monday, November 02, 2015

School Halloween Party-Ash & Rhy

Since the kids go to a public school now, we found there's a WHOLE lot more hooplah that goes on during Halloween. They got to wear their costumes ALL day on the Friday before Halloween. And there were fun parties in the afternoon ... I signed up to help at Asher's (Rhy's was already taken care of.). Nathan even accompanied me, dressed as Indiana Jones, which was a BIG hit. He walked into the room, so tall and awesomely dressed ... all the little heads of the 4th graders craned back to look at him and there were several gasps of "Is that the REAL Indiana Jones!!??" SO cute! We did mummy wrapping games and Halloween bingo ... and I made individual dirt cakes for all the kids. Then, the school finishes the day with a Halloween parade on the track outside. What a blast!! Afterwards, my big Indy and my mini Indy (Nate and Ash) biked home together, since Asher has been wanting to spend as much time as possible on his new Bianchi.
Asher gets all wrapped up in the mummy game.
Indian Jones helps pass out napkins.
Indy calls out the bingo game.
Parade time! My Mini Indy.
Rhylah was a southern belle.
Biking home!
This was taken before they left for school. They are pinching each other's tushies in this photo...

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