Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Nov. 4: Dogs Hanging Out

My puppies looked so sweet this morning, hanging out in the sunshine on the couch, that I couldn't resist snapping their photo. Don't they look cuddly? I love how well they get along. They have become great buddies in the last several months. For a long time (this summer) Roubi was a real terror to leave alone in the house. Every time we'd put her in her crate, she'd slobber an ocean of drool for us to clean up and hurt her nose trying to escape. At one point, we had her padlocked on all three sides of the kennel and I remember going into the basement (she was ruining my floors and walls upstairs) and just staring at her in her box. She looked like Houdini, getting ready to plunge, handcuffed into the water tanks ... locks everywhere .... in her case, DROOL everywhere ... her nose all cut up from trying to press it through the bars. In desperation, I went to the pet store and bought a soft muzzle, that still lets her drink (heck, she can even eat Lucca's food while wearing it) and breathe just fine, but stops her from ripping up books or CDs or anything else her puppy brain might take a fascination to. It's working BEAUTIFULLY! It's now November, and she hasn't gotten into any mischief in months, and WE are a LOT happier being able to leave the house without stressing over what will get ruined while we're gone ... with the dogs sleeping companionably on the couch. Funny story though ... today, Nov. 6, Asher asked me if I wanted him to muzzle the dog before we left for school. "Yes, please." I told him, as I ran hectically through the house doing last minute things. Now, as good as Roubi IS in the muzzle, she still HATES to have it put on. So she will run to the couch, flip on her back and wave her paws at you while tossing her head back and forth to try to discourage you from putting on the muzzle. Nice try. We still always manage, and then she sulks at us and flashes us her big cow eyes in resentment. Today, I heard Asher putting on the muzzle and then telling her, in a very stern, parental voice, "You really bring this on yourself, you know." SOOOO funny! And he's SO RIGHT! Ha ha ha!!


C Staude said...

Did they pose like this all on their own? Cute!!

Katrina said...

They DID! They are snuggle buddies lately. I think they can sense the impending winter chill. LOL!