Thursday, August 10, 2006

Boys will be boys

Okay, so I totally stole this from my mom's blog, but I had to ... it was just so darn cute! This photo was taken two weeks ago while we were in Door County with my parents and my sister and her husband, Leo. We spent one afternoon on the beach. And Leon and Nathan had so much fun in the sand -- I just love Gabriel's expression in the background, like he's thinking "Ummm...hello? Guys? What just happened here? Can't I play too?" Apparently a little pip squeak on the beach bragged about the size of his "moat" at which point Nate and Leon took it upon themselves to show this kid a thing or two about how big a hole can actually be! (Did I get the story right guys?? I wasn't there, so I want to make sure!) I'm sorry, but being the FRIENDS buff that I am (even years after the show's over -- random quotes tend to continue popping into my head ... probably since I watched all 10 seasons on DVD during my maternity leave ...) I keep hearing Joey in that one episode where they're on the beach and his head pops out of the pit he's digging on the beach and he says "Check it out!! Dug me a hole!!" Okay, if you've never seen it, nevermind. But if you have ... FUNNY!!

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amy7252 said...

I hope that no one got stung by a jellyfish ... the boys would have been too tired from digging the hole to help!