Sunday, March 04, 2007


It should come as no suprise that since I'm hungry all the time, getting the time (and extra money) to eat my favorite meal in the whole world was easily the highlight of my weekend. My parents sent me some birthday money and I decided to spend some of it on Alaskan King Crab Legs, my favorite dinner. So Nate went out to Schwartz's fish market on Saturday and bought nearly 4 pounds of the divine shellfish. :) On Saturday night, we had a feast fit for a king, complete with butter warmers that kept our meal delcious and hot. Okay. You can all tell from the way I'm going on and on that I'm completely obsessed with food. Oh well. This too shall pass! But it was incredible! Yay crab legs!!!!

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C Staude said...

OMG! There are scary red creatures on your blog!!!! and you're telling me I participated in the de-legging of some giant sea creatures!!!!

Stick to cute photos of my grandsons, will ya?!!!