Friday, March 16, 2007

New appliances!!

Well, we finally did it! After suffering with the junker stove that came with our house for TWO YEARS -- and an old refrigerator we bought for $50 which on occassion, would decide to be persnickity -- the door not staying shut as it ought to -- we FINALLY caved in and bought new appliances for our kitchen! I am super thrilled, and so is Nathan, because now, finally, the kitchen is a room we enjoy being in together! Here are some photos of our new "babies." :) Can you tell I've been waiting for this moment for quite some time???


t.leaf + k said...

WHOA! I'm excited for you guys. Good choices!!!

Are you actually cooking something in those pots, or are they just there for show? :-P

C Staude said...

SCHNAZZZY!!!!! You have GREAT taste!
I will be SO excited to make a cup of tea in the Micro without having to climb up on a chair to get it off the top of the old fridge!

NOW send me a pic with the fridge doors OPEN..I wanna peek inside!

Funny thought... more pics of these than of the BOYS in previous posts!!! (3 shots... hmmm?) Does Gabe get to hang his magnets on the new one?

Katrina said...

Todd: Yes, I was actually cooking my very first meal on the new stove ... fried cod with lemon butter, and pasta, yum! :)
MOM: I too, am excited about the new location of the microwave -- although it's been hard to get used to. I keep turning to the fridge to use the microwave, and it's not there! :) And yes, the boys can hang art on it ... eventually. Just not this week, while it's still new! :) Although Gabe has been more inclined to hang his artwork on his new bulletin boards in his bedroom lately!

amy7252 said...

Wow, gorgeous!!

DawnK said...

Those are pretty! We have had to replace our dishwasher, stove and fridge, over the last few years, ourselves. So, we are in good shape with our appliances, too. The dishwasher actually still worked, but the racks were starting to fall apart and they are very expensive to replace!

Luke's parents said...

not i'm totally coveting your ENTIRE HOUSE. That's it, me and the boys are moving in!

they look great.


Nhia said...

Can't lose with the all-stainless-steel look -- we've got it, too! Isn't it just so much more sleek and stylish? ... That fridge looks almost like ours! FYI: Magnets don't stick on stainless steel, at least not on ours!