Friday, June 29, 2007

An Asher Post

Asher has been having a lot of fun this summer, as you can see! In the first photo, he's exploring the garden, which has grown by leaps and bounds in the recent warm, sunny weather we had. In the second photo, he's watching "Monsters Inc." (his new farvorite movie, which he asks for by name "Monsters! Monsters!") He always watches it with HIS monster....a floppy puppet with big teeth that he loves. In the last photo, he's pretending to play cowboy. He did this just yesterday, and I just HAD to take a photo. Too cute! His latest discovery has been the raspberry bushes out back, which are now in full bloom. He loves finding berries and munching on them whenever possible!


t.leaf + k said...

Aw man! I miss raspberry-garden-picking!! We had a huge raspberry bush (and blackberry bush, grape vine, strawberry patch, apple trees, apricot tree, and cherry trees...yeesh we should have opened a produce section) on our farm back in the day! Good times. I'm glad you're letting Asher in on the fun!

DawnK said...

Those pictures are too cute! He is adorable. Monsters, Inc, is a cute movie, too.

marzi said...

very cute! my little guy has that same alligator's his absolute FAVORITE!!! he loves telling everyone what it says!