Monday, June 18, 2007

Gabe rides a 2-wheeler

Enjoy this short video of Gabriel learning to ride a bike without training wheels! We took him to the parking lot of the local high school on June 4, and 12 days later (and only one practice later) he was zipping up and down the street on his own. I have to say that this was an odd feeling as a mother -- letting go. I felt left behind for the first time! But he's doing awesome and loving every minute of it! (Note: The "blurry" quality in the beginning and end of the video is because I did a "vintage footage" effect, which looks great when the video isn't compressed for the web! Oh well!)


amy7252 said...

Wow, what a classic childhood moment! I believe that I cried for my tricycle when Dad insisted upon making me ride my bike without training wheels. Little did I know that I would end up riding that bike all over the countryside! Good times, good times. Congrats to Gabe!!

DawnK said...

Congrats to Gabe! He's doing a great job! My kids ended up learning within 2 weeks of each other, when Sarah was 8 and Emily was 6! I think Emily didn't want to be left behind!

marzi said...

that's the sweetest video ever! i'm all teary-eyed, and he's not even my kid! man, i'm a sap! i especially love the choice of music. i grew up with that song and i've always loved sweet.

C Staude said...

Awesome job Gabriel... (great movie mom!) I kept picturing you running around capturing him from different angles! He is GOOD on the bike! We are so proud! I must admit your movie made me cry.... Tell me about where you found the music... it's beautiful!

Thanks SO much for making the movie... it feels so nice not to miss seeing these moments of the boys' lives!

t.leaf + k said...

Hurray, Gabe!!

That video is AMAZING. You two are the coolest parents in the world.

Nhia said...

It was Wonder Year-ish! And that's a good thing because I LOVED that show. You must be so proud as a mom, yet so worried too ... :) Great job, Gabe!

Katrina said...

Thanks for your comments everyone! It was indeed a great "life moment" for Gabriel!
Amy: It's interesting that you mentioned that, because Gabe was the same way ... he did NOT want to give up his trike with the training wheels ... even though it was three sizes too small. He wanted NOTHING to do with his fancy big boy bike with 2 wheels! Now he's so proud of himself and we can't get him off of it!!
MOM: I actually just randomly found the song off of iTunes, when I entered the search word "bicycle." Too fun, eh?
NHIA: It's so ironic that you said "wonder years" because when I showed the video to Nate last night, I told him I was going for a "wonder year" effect! Yay! So I'm glad you think so too! Great minds think alike!! And yes, it is TERRIBLY hard to let go of your child like this! I know, a bike sounds so simple, but to watch him go whizzing down the street as I stand there helplessly worrying about cars and driveways ... yet knowing that I've got to let go a little and let him grow up on some level ... oh boy ... I have reached new levels of stress and worry!!
TODD: I only WISH I was one of the coolest parents in the world ... but thanks for the compliment!! :)