Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A little bit of white stuff

A good old fashioned Wisconsin snow! The most we've gotten in one batch all winter!

Gabe wades through the snow to get to the car on his way to school.

Asher gets ready to go sledding with daddy -- some quality time for daddy and son!

So we got a little bit of the white stuff last night. What I think is amazing is that in Missouri, 1-2 inches would be enough to shut down half the city -- heck, even the prediction of 1-2 inches would cause a minor uproar ... but here in good old Wisconsin, 10 inches isn't even enough to call off, or even DELAY, school! But the good news is that Gabriel is at an age where this doesn't really matter. Our conversation this morning went something like this:
Gabe: "Do I have school today?"
Mom: "Yeah ... sorry buddy."
Gabe: "That's okay mom! I LOVE school!"

Wow. How many years do you think I have left before that response changes?

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DawnK said...

Emily really didn't want a snow day, because they have exams all week, and then are off on Friday. She didn't want to mess up being off, anyway, on Friday. I almost think they could have delayed school a bit, so people would have had more time to shovel, but they didn't. Usually, she would be up for a snow day, though.

It's so hard to imagine a city becoming unglued, over 1-2 inches of snow, though, since I've lived in Wisconsin my whole life.

I hope Asher had fun sledding with his dad.