Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sweet little Gracie

This is me and my most adorable, sweetheart of a niece, Sydney. In my head, for some reason or another, I seem to refer to her as Gracie -- her middle name is Grace -- which is one of my most favorite names ever! But of course, her whole name is quite beautiful!
This past weekend, we got the chance to take a quick drive to St. Louis and visit my sister and her hubby and their beautiful new daughter. She's lovely of course, and sooooo tiny! After holding Rhy for so long, and being used to her 14 plus pounds now, Sydney's tiny 6 pounds was like holding thin air!
But my sister and her hubby, Leon, are doing wonderfully well as brand new parents! Sydney Grace couldn't ask for better, more loving parents ... and grandparents too! We miss them already!


amy7252 said...

My dad once commented that he wants to call Elle "Kaia" all of the time (her middle name). He has no idea why that happens to him, either. I guess it's nice to have middle name approval, too! :)

Is she 5 lbs or 7 lbs? I've seen it different on your blog, Gretchen's blog, and your parents' blog.

Nhia said...

Being an auntie is also so cool and sweet! And it will be a total blast when all the cousins and walk and talk together!

Katrina said...

Amy: I think she's around six now, so I changed it! Hee hee! I can't keep track!
Nhia: Yeah, I'm looking forward to it. And I'm Sydney's only auntie too! So it will be fun to spoil her!

DawnK said...

She's so cute and so tiny! I'm glad you got to see her!