Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lots of "firsts"

Mmmmmm....yummy goey rice cereal!

Look at me mom! What fun!

This post is a week late, but I wanted to share Rhylah's news! She has now tried "solid" food (meaning Gerber rice cereal) and is using her exersaucer! This is big news for our little lady, who is growing up much too fast! She did a good job with the food ... spitting out most of it as she tried to figure out what to do with it. I can't say that it made her sleep any better, as it did for the boys ... because she already sleeps so well! She usually lasts each night until 5 a.m. before waking up for a feeding. She really enjoys the exersaucer too ... so does Asher, who seems to have fond memories of his old toy and keeps trying to climb inside.

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DawnK said...

She is growing up fast! I just looked up her birthday and she is almost 4 months old already! Time sure flies!