Monday, January 28, 2008

Yet another reason to love the ice rink

Okay, so those of you who aren't into the mushy love stuff might want to skip this entry. But I have to blog about it, because it's just too sweet not to.
Yesterday I was having one of those days where the kids are going nuts and my head was starting to spin ... yeah, kinda like that girl on the Exorcist. Sometimes, as I'm sure even the best of mothers can verify, three kids (heck, even one kid) can be enough to make you want to jump out a window.
So what did my darling hubby do? He arranged for a sitter, kidnapped me for an hour and took me ice skating.
Now some might say -- One hour: That's hardly any time ... or ... Ice skating: Not especially romantic... but I would have to disagree.
One hour feels like a week-long vacation when you've had a rough day. And ice skating? Well, that's how my grandmother snared my grandpa, so it's romantic enough for me. Also, Nate and I had never gone skating together before.
We drove to Cleveland Park, and it was so late that we were the only people there ... the warming shack was closed and the lights over the "rink" were off, so it was quite dark. But you got used to it after a minute and the stars just seemed that much brighter. We had a blast, skating around, racing, throwing snowballs, tossing each other into the snow banks and just having some good old fashioned fun. I don't think I've had that much fun in one hour all winter. Thanks so much sweetheart!


Nhia said...

How sweet of Nate ... so when will Nate and John start hanging out together so some of this increasingly rare, magic male thoughtfulness disease finally be contagious enough to bite John too?

Yeah, I had one of those weekends too. Not fun when you feel like you're constantly yelling at the kids and you're about to spontaneously change into an evil witch. Yeah, no fun ...

C Staude said...

Ice skating, Nhia! Get him hooked on ICE Skating! I am sure there HAVE to be some ancient Hmong traditions you can tell him go along with skating...right? If not, create your OWN!

I give Nathan 2-thumbs up for this perfect date idea!

DawnK said...

2 thumbs-up for me, too! That's so romantic!

marzi said... need to clone that man! you could make a fortune! :)

amy7252 said...

No need to explain, honey. An hour off from the kids, much less an hour spent *alone* with your hubby, is priceless! Good job, Nate!