Sunday, October 05, 2008

Birthday Party!

We had a small family get-together for Rhylah's birthday this weekend. Aunt Kathy, Uncle Jon, Uncle Carl and my folks were able to attend. Her birthday is actually on Wednesday, so we celebrated a little bit early. What a fun time it was! Rhylah loved her cake, and her pink pony and purse from us! The whole day was a LOT of fun!

The Birthday Girl

I posted this picture so people could see the new colors we painted our living room (which used to be bright sea-foam green) and our dining room (a sort of harvest wheat color, formerly red wallpaper.)

Walking with Papa

The Harrmann's sing to our baby girl. Check out her princess hat!

Rhylah loved her cake and ate almost all of it. But when the icing first got on her fingers, she kept shaking her hands, as if trying to shake it off. It was quite funny!

Opening presents

She's barely 1, and daddy already bought her a pony!

I love the look on her face here!


marzi said...

oh how sweet! love that first photo! it's brilliant!

do you mind sharing your color for your living room? it's gorgeous! so soft. a good blue is hard to come by.

looks like you had a fantastic day! happy birthday little lady!

Nhia said...

She's growing so much so fast! What a cutie! Happy Birthday, Rhylah!

Katrina said...

Sure no problem! It was from Lowes ... Valspar is the brand ... the color is Woodlawn Silverbrook. Sounds dreamy, eh??

DawnK said...

Happy Birthday, Rhylah! She looks so happy. It seems that all of a sudden she just doesn't look like a baby anymore! That pony is cute!

marzi said...

thanks for the color kat!